Organizations and Websites with a TPS Mission

Rare Books and Manuscripts Section / Instruction and Outreach Committee

Founded in 2017 to “advocate for and advance the efforts of RBMS members and other librarians, archivists, and instructors who use special collections and archives materials in instructional or outreach contexts,” the RBMS Instruction and Outreach Committee of RBMS supports the TPS Collective through committee work, programming, and products, including a subgroup devoted to the TPS Collective.

TPS Subcommittee of the Reference, Access, and Outreach Section of the Society of American Archivists

The purpose of the TPS Committee is to advocate for the active and interactive use of primary sources in teaching and learning as a core component of archival work.  The Committee does this by gathering and disseminating information on the topic and developing resources and assessment tools for archivists and allied professionals. In so doing, the TPS Committee will reach out to all types of institutions (academic, cultural heritage, etc.) and all levels of learners: K-12, college and university, and life-long learners.

TPS Teachers Network from the Library of Congress

The TPS Teachers Network is a service of the Library of Congress. The network is a professional social media platform designed to host and facilitate community conversations, connections, and collaborations that focus on using digital primary sources from the Library of Congress collections to improve student learning. Teachers can connect and collaborate with peers and scholars online using familiar social media tools such as posting, commenting, linking, and tagging. (site requires membership)

DLF Pedagogy Group

The DLF Digital Library Pedagogy Working Group, also known as #DLFteach, is a grassroots community of practice formed thanks to practitioner interest following the 2015 DLF Forum. We empower digital library practitioners to see themselves as teachers and equip teaching librarians to engage learners in how digital library technologies shape our knowledge infrastructure. The group is open to anyone interested in learning about or collaborating on digital library pedagogy. To find out more about our current projects and get involved, visit our page on the DLF wiki.

Rockefeller Archive Center Archival Educators Roundtable (AER)

The Rockefeller Archive Center Archival Educators Roundtable (AER) is a growing community of like-minded educators, archivists, and archival education allies who use primary sources in their work. Through biannual workshops held since 2016, a listserv, and the AER Newsletter, the group explores and addresses issues emerging from primary source education.

New England Archivists Teaching with Primary Sources Roundtable

NEA’s regional Teaching with Primary Sources Roundtable fosters a network of practitioners for those interested in gaining experience and sharing their skills with colleagues regionally.

Goals and Objectives include:

  1. Establishing a body of resources (including an updated list of local and regional practitioners, activity sharing, assessment models, etc.) for the community;
  2. Advocating for professional development opportunities in this subject area;
  3. Actively fostering a community of practice across the region.