Notes from the Field: Call for Reviewers

Notes from the Field, an extension of the Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) Collective, seeks to establish a database of new peer reviewers for forthcoming publications. Notes from the Field highlights practical lessons from the front lines of teaching with primary sources in thematic series of open access peer-reviewed articles. These short articles (<2000 words) explore the theory and practice of teaching with primary sources, broadly relating topics to educators and practitioners from all types of institutions, teaching all kinds of students. Currently, Notes from the Field offers articles in two series: Practical How-To and Reflective Practice.

Peer reviewers are asked to review one submission per academic semester (i.e., fall, spring, summer) and may elect to pass on a proposed review while remaining active in the database. These voluntary positions serve an important role in the publication process: providing essential feedback to authors while ensuring that contributions reflect the aims and scope of our online publication. 

Those interested in being added to our peer reviewer database may fill out this form and those who would like more information about this role may reach out to the members of our editorial team: lead editor Kelli Hansen (, and associate editors Danielle Gilman ( and Anastasia Armendariz (