Call for Contributions to Notes from the Field: Spring 2023

Notes from the Field, a publication of the TPS Collective, is accepting submissions about teaching with primary sources for three series of peer-reviewed blog posts: “Public-Facing Scholarship and Outreach,” “Teaching with Community-Based Archives,” and “Accessibility and Access in the Primary Source Classroom.” These series are intended to highlight a broad range of voices from all sectors of the TPS community.

Series One: Public-Facing Scholarship and Outreach

In this series, we ask contributors to reflect on the ways the Covid-19 pandemic has changed–and will continue to change–their instruction. Authors may wish to share lessons they have learned, describe unexpected triumphs or unprecedented obstacles, or even comment on the ways the pandemic has challenged or changed their instructional philosophies. We also welcome contributions about forward-looking thoughts, hopes, concerns, and questions for teaching with primary sources in a world changed by this pandemic.

Series Two: Teaching with Community-Based Archives

In this series, we look to cultural heritage professionals who have taught with community archives. We are curious to what degree modes of stewardship factor into your instruction. Have you made choices to integrate, or not integrate, community-based archival materials into your teaching with other primary source materials? How does your relationship with the respective community of origin shape your approach? We also look forward to learning about any ways teaching with community archives now informs your overarching teaching praxis.

Series Three: Accessibility and Access in the Primary Source Classroom

Have your approaches to accessibility and access changed during the pandemic? Submissions to this series will consider and/or highlight some of the ways that instructors have modified their approaches to accessibility in the pandemic classroom (and beyond!). We are especially interested in hearing about what tools you use to make your classroom more accessible! Have you strengthened or created new campus partnerships? How have students’ needs informed your approach, both for virtual and in-person instruction?

Contributions should be 1000-1200 words and will be subject to Notes from the Field’s peer review process. Posts will be published on a rolling basis beginning in February 2023. Full submission information is available in the Notes from the Field author and peer review guidelines. Any questions, expressions of interest, or submissions can be sent to the Notes from the Field Lead Editor, Kelli Hansen, at