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Mission and Use

The TPS Collective listserv is a product of the energetic TPS Community. TPS stands for Teaching with Primary Sources. Many members of the TPS Community work in fields such as archives, libraries, education, and museums.

The TPS Community welcomes anyone interested in teaching with primary sources. Community members come from a wide variety of educational backgrounds, settings, and positions of experience. We celebrate this diversity and use this forum to learn from each others’ expertise and share our own. 

The listserv is a safe and supportive place to:

  • share information about programs and opportunities of interest to this group
  • ask and answer questions with openness and respect 
  • share ideas with others who also care deeply about these important topics
  • celebrate our successes and grow from our failures

Posting Guidance 

See also Moderation and Participation Expectations section below.

For events and opportunities, postings should:

  • Articulate a clear relation to the topic of teaching with primary sources
  • Include details on time, date, and location or delivery method 
  • Specify whether there are any fees associated with the event or opportunity
  • Provide a contact for more information

For asking and responding to questions:

  • Specify whether you prefer direct responses or messages to the full list; recognize that people often respond to the full list. 
  • In responding, check the original poster’s response preference. Please remember to check your send-to line and confirm that it is going where you want it to go.
  • Recognize that people on the listserv come from different fields and different experiences. The goal of this listserv is learning and support, not criticism.

For job postings:

  • Position must include teaching or outreach with primary sources as one of its primary responsibilities
  • Provide clear language and include the name and type of institution in the email subject line
  • Include a link for more information and/or application directions.
  • Salary ranges are required for all postings!

Moderation and Participation Expectations

This listserv is open to our group of colleagues with the idea that we will follow the TPS Community Values.

While posts are not reviewed before distribution and posts cannot be removed once posted, the listserv is actively monitored by the TPS Collective Facilitation Team, and we will respond to issues. 

The TPS Community is made up of many practitioners from many environments, and we celebrate our varied disciplines and backgrounds. The TPS Community does not tolerate abusive or condescending language, insults, or inflammatory statements, or behavior contrary to the guidelines above. Repeat offenses will result in removal from the list.

Mission, guidance, and expectations last updated 2023 November 14