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Forum Leader (July 2019 – June 2021)

The Community of Practice Section of the TPS Collective is a discussion-driven, community-building section, providing a Forum for practitioners to chat, exchange ideas, discuss common problems of practice, and seek input from other professionals. As the more social section of the site, participants can browse forum topics, contribute posts and comments, start discussion threads, and ask questions of each other. This community environment will allow this growing profession to make new connections, build sub-communities, and find areas of common interest and practice.

The Forum Leader will ideally have experience running or moderating a listserv, or similar experience; this person will have a proven record of equity and inclusivity, and professional conduct and integrity. This person will develop a code of conduct for the Forum, and monitor contributions for adherence to that code. Additionally, the Forum Leader will liaise with Forum contributors and/or Editors in Chief for technical or other problems, and to troubleshoot and resolve registration issues. The regular work of the Forum Leader will be moderating and promoting topical threads in the Forum, and managing outreach and advertising about the Forum in consultation with others.

The Forum Leader:

  • develops code of conduct
  • monitors all posts
  • liaises with forum contributors in case of problems
  • liaises with Editors-in-Chief
  • troubleshoots and resolves registration issues
  • begins, monitors, and promotes topical threads
  • solicits Forum contributors
  • manages outreach and advertising about forum in consultation with Editors in Chief

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