Join us for TPS Fest 2024: July 30, 31, August 1

This event webpage is the main public access point for sharing information about the schedule, updates, and all things TPS Fest 2024.

Do you teach with primary sources, or want to share and learn with other like-minded people with all levels and types of experience? Join your colleagues for an informative and fun event, with a variety of attendee-driven sessions or happenings, covering all aspects of Teaching with Primary Sources!

What is TPS Fest?

TPS Fest is an annual gathering — in person starting around 2014, and virtual since 2020 — of individuals who teach with primary source material and are interested in having conversations about doing more of that work.

This is a space for anyone who wants to learn and share with other like-minded people of ALL levels and types of experience. Graduate students and recent grads are absolutely welcome. For all of us, whether presenters or attendees (or both), our presence is our qualification.

TPS Fest sessions are largely practical. This is not a traditional conference with presentations; sessions are formatted to prioritize conversation and idea sharing. This might include reading and discussion groups; facilitated discussions; short demos or presentations followed by discussion; and more.

TPS Fest is (almost) infinitely expandable; the schedule is flexible to what people want to see happen and have the energy to organize.

Event Details

TPS Fest 2024 is July 30, 31, and August 1, 2024 (Tue, Wed, Thu)

Session topics will be organized starting in February. Share your ideas by checking out the “How can you get involved?” area below.

Free registration will open in Summer 2024! Attend one session or all of them.

Who is the community that makes this happen?

The TPS Fest is loosely organized by people connected to the TPS Collective, which has fairly clear connections to groups like the Society of American Archivists and RBMS and less clear connections to lots of other organizations. TPS Fest is organized by people like YOU!

As a community, we’re working from a set of community values that we developed and posted on this webpage: 

How can you get involved?

This event only happens because of volunteers and attendees like you.

Stay tuned for volunteer positions that we’ll need help with during TPS Fest; in the meantime; you are welcome to get involved in planning this event.

We organize our planning through open drop-in sessions; these are the next dates for drop-in planning:

Who is welcome at our drop-in planning sessions? Anyone who is interested in this! That could include:

  • newcomers
  • experienced professionals
  • students
  • YOU

If you can’t join us at our next drop-in session but want to get involved, email

TPS Fest 2024 is generously co-supported the Rare Books and Manuscripts Section of ALA-ACRL, the Society of American Archivists, and many many volunteers from the thriving TPS Community.

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