Teaching with Primary Sources Workshops and Unconference – Wed, August 19, 2015 – During SAA Conference

Cleveland Public Library

Q: Will there be another TPS Unconference in 2016?
A: Yes! Follow the 2016 updates here »

For ever-evolving details on this event, continue to visit bitly.com/SAA15TPS

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Are you attending? Here are key things to know ahead of time.  Please read this – it will affect your attitude about the event (in some way).

      • We need your help capturing the afternoon conversations.  Each session will have its own note-taking document (google doc) and we’ll ask that at least two participants volunteer to take notes. Please consider doing this so we can create “live proceedings” of the event.
        You want to help, don’t you!? Grab the device you’ll have with you on August 19 and go here (link) to make sure you can edit a notes-document.
      • We’d also encourage you to use your devices for audio recordings of the sessions, as long as all participants give it the OK.
      • This is important!  CPL has supported this event in more ways that we could ever have hoped. Please please please thank them by including/mentioning/tagging them in any all social media you send out during the day. CPL is at: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr.
        This will go far in helping them justify their support of the TPS Unconference.
      • This website is the source for information during the event.  The schedule and event details exists here only. Check your devices, batteries, chargers, etc.
        (Lord save us if the website goes down…I guess we’ll just head to a bar.)
      • You are responsible for your own food and drink.  There will be no coffee/snack breaks, so plan accordingly and stock up before arriving, and again over the lunch break. Please be tidy and respectful of CPL’s generosity in hosting us.
      • You will have 90 minutes for Lunch On Your Own. There will be an opportunity to connect with others for “dine-around” groups. There are many nearby food options (PDF).
      • This is a drop-in, drop-out event where you’re not expected to attend the whole day. When you first arrive, please do check in at the registration area (CPL Stokes Building, Lower Level (LL), Atrium).
      • During afternoon sessions, feel free to move from session to session. A notable feature of unconferences is that you “vote with your feet” and leaving a session to see what’s going on at another session is (a) expected and (b) not considered rude. If a session has turned in a way that’s not aligned with your interest, pop open the schedule and see what else is going on!
      • Respect each other. Some of these conversations may lead to strong, opposing viewpoints, but please maintain your collegial regard for others and their opinions. Expect this of others as well. This is a day for sharing ideas, so don’t screw it up!

Date: Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Cleveland Public Library, Stokes Building, 525 Superior Ave (Map | StreetView)
The Louis Stokes Wing/Building is the modern, oval-shaped building at corner of Superior Ave & 6th St (not the older CPL Main Building next door at 325 Superior Ave)
Hashtag:   #saa15teach   (on twitter or facebook)
Event Wi-Fi at CPL:  CPL-MAIN-WiFi  (public/open network)
Home Base & Registration Area: Lower Level (LL), Atrium – CPL Louis Stokes Wing
Download this PDF: CPL TPS Event Details PDF
It includes info on Parking, Nearby Restaurants, Wi-Fi, and the CPL Buildings Floor Plan
Closest Coffee:
• Au Bon Pain is across the street on the corner of Superior and 6th St
Starbucks is across & down the street in the Huntington Building near Public Square
Phoenix Coffee is a block up Superior then a half block south down 9th St
• Pour Cleveland is on Euclid Ave in the 5th Street Arcade
• Erie Island Coffee Co. is on East 4th Street off of Euclid Ave
Drinks in the Library: We’ll be using several rooms in CPL’s Stokes Building & Main Building.
You may have drinks in Stokes Building rooms.
You may not have drinks in Main Building rooms (our rooms are collections areas).
Remember: Dry Main + Wet Stokes.

Event Schedule — More detailed schedule available day-of-event
Your starting point and “Home Base” at Cleveland Public Library:
Stokes Wing/Building, Lower Level (LL), Atrium (see above)
Tip: Enter Stokes Building at 525 Superior Ave, go through the foyer, then down the stairs or elevator across from long services desk on the right, and down one floor to the Lower Level (LL).
9:00 – 9:25am    Registration (Lower Level (LL), Atrium)
9:25 – 10:05    Logistics intro plus a rousing welcome from Lee Ann Potter, Director of Educational Outreach at Library of Congress (details)
10:15 – 11:15    Workshops (details)
11:25 – 11:55    Unconference Scheduling with everyone (see currently proposed topics)
11:55 – 1:25pm    Lunch on your own
(Restaurant ideas herehere) or “Dine-Around” lunching-groups available (details here)
1:30 – 2:20    Unconference Session Block 1
2:30 – 3:20    Unconference Session Block 2
3:30 – 4:20    Unconference Session Block 3
4:30 – 5:00    Wrap-up full-group discussion about where to go from here
Please note that since the day’s detailed schedule won’t be settled on until we’re all there, the schedule will only exist on this webpage. Prepare accordingly to bring a device that will allow you to view the schedule online.  We’ll also be taking live group notes at the sessions, and your help with this will go far in creating “live proceedings” that we and others will be able to use later.

What is an unconference? For those of you who are a little wobbly on what unconferences are all about, check out the “What is an unconference?”.  It’s about conversation, sharing, and active participation. And yes, there is some uncertainty going into it because the session topics are decided on the spot by the group — me, you, all of us together, figuring out what’s most important and relevant for us.

If you have questions about this event, email TeachWithStuff@gmail.com, or post your question on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #saa15teach (see above).

Our enormous gratitude goes out to CPL’s Director Felton Thomas, Jr., Director of Public Services John Skrtic, and Assistant Director of Public Services Robin Wood.  These folks have supported this event materially, financially, and numerous other ways that prove that they believe in the the grand mission and vision of Teaching with Primary Sources and its ability to change ways of learning, as well as enriching the lives of the public and information professionals alike.  Thank you CPL!

Event Organizers: Anne Bahde, Laura Barry, Lori Birrell, Janet Bunde, Michelle Chiles, Tamar Chute, Gabrielle Dudley, Chatham Ewing, Matt Herbison, Petrina Jackson, Robin Katz, Erin Lawrimore, Doris Malkmus, Brooke McManus, Sammie Morris, Janet Olson, Jennifer O’Neal, Rachel Grove Rohrbaugh, Rachel Senese, Jill Severn, Heather Smedberg, Jenny Swadosh, Ellen Swain, Mattie Taormina, Elizabeth Wilkinson, the SAA-RAO Steering Committee, and many other helpers along the way. Especially-special thanks to Chatham Ewing, Rachel Senese, Pam Eyerdam, and our new friends at Cleveland Public Library for all the work in making this possible.

If the website goes belly-up the day of the event, the emergency info/schedule document will be used: bitly.com/TPS222


An informative and fun day, with a variety of workshops and attendee-driven conversations, covering all aspects of Teaching with Primary Sources. Join your colleagues and like-minded professionals, including educators at all levels, archivists and librarians from the Society of American Archivists (SAA) and Rare Books and Manuscripts Section of ACRL (RBMS), and across allied fields.  Hosted by the wonderful folks at Cleveland Public Library and organized by the SAA Reference, Access and Outreach Section’s Committee on Teaching with Primary Sources.

Open to individuals with all levels of experience who use primary source material in classroom and instruction settings. Tell your archivist and non-archivist teaching friends!
This is an à la carte, drop-in/drop-out event and you don’t need to come to the whole thing.  If you don’t know what SAA is and don’t have any idea what goes on at the annual conference, that doesn’t matter!  We want primary-source-educators from all walks of life to gather together to learn from each other about what works and what doesn’t.

Free Registration starts June 23 »
Open to individuals from all institutions and with all levels of experience who use primary source material for instruction/classroom setting. Tell your archivist and non-archivist teaching friends!
Registration will be a separate process from the Society of American Archivists 2015 Conference registration — you can attend this event without attending the conference.  This is an à la carte, drop-in/drop-out event and you don’t need to come to the whole thing.  Lunch on your own with many nearby options.  Registration is first-come first-served.

Stay in Touch: Can’t wait for the day? Connect with like-minded individuals and receive updates by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter.  Our hashtag is #saa15teach