Teaching with Primary Sources Virtual Unconference 2021 – July 20 & 21, 2021

This event webpage is the main starting-point for sharing information about the schedule, updates, and all things unconference: bitly.com/tps21unconf

July 20 & 21, 2021Come one and all!
The 2021 Teaching with Primary Sources Virtual Unconference will happen on Tuesday, July 20th and Wednesday, July 21st. On each day, sessions will run for four hours, 1-5pm Eastern / 10-2pm Pacific, with social meetups following. Like last year, it will be an all-virtual event and as always it will be drop-in/drop-out as you please and no-cost! (Updated July 2, 2021)

Free Registration is Open! Spread the word. bitly.com/REGISTER21TPS

“Wait, how do I actually get into the sessions I want?” — Info on finding your Zoom details
When you registered for the unconference (link above), you should have received an email with subject “TPS Unconference – Next steps for registering.” In that email there was a link to a Unconference Program page — note that this will be a handy page to keep open during the unconference. On this Program page, you should have registered for all the sessions your want to attend — for each of the sessions you registered for, you should get a separate email with the zoom-joining-link for each session — these email subject lines include the session name and end with the words “Confirmation – TPS Unconference.”
If you seem to be missing emails, check your junk mail.

What is the TPS Unconference?
Do you Teach with Primary Sources, or want share and learn with other like-minded people with all levels and types of experience? Join your colleagues for an informative and fun event, with a variety of attendee-driven conversations, covering all aspects of Teaching with Primary Sources!

Why should you be excited?
This is our 7th annual unconference! See what happened in 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015.
To get a feel for the event and what we learned:
• Read the 2019 Event Recaps in the RBMS Instruction & Outreach Newsletter and SAA Archival Outlook
• Check out the Zine 2018 for the TPS Unconference »

Volunteering! Want to be more involved? Please come in! We welcome volunteers and need a lot of folks working together to make a successful event. Email us (unconference-AT-tpscollective.org) to express interest in volunteering and be added to the Slack channel and meeting announcements.

The 2021 TPS Unconference is generously co-supported the Rare Books and Manuscripts Section of ALA-ACRL, the Society of American Archivists, and many volunteers from the thriving TPS Community.

Interested in More TPS?

  • Monday July 19 at 11amPacific / 2pmEastern: the SAA TPS Committee is hosting an Assessment Open Discussion — info here
  • Thursday July 22 at 1pmPacific / 4pmEastern: there will be a TPS Community Call and Unconference After-Party for a Cool-Down & Reflection session — info will be shared on the TPS Listserv (see just below if you’re not yet on the listserv)

    Watch the TPS Listserv for more information (sign up for the Listserv here).

Who: You! If you Teach with Primary Sources, this is an active-learning experience for teachers, archivists, museum educators, librarians, and like-minded people to come together.
Accessibility: We want to make this an inclusive, accessible event that enables all individuals, including individuals with disabilities, to engage fully. Please contact us unconference@tpscollective.org if you have questions or concerns.
Where: This will be a virtual event, probably using multiple Zoom rooms and breakout rooms 
Cost: FREE!
Attendance: The TPS Unconference is always a drop-in/drop-out event and you are encouraged to pick and choose sessions.
K-12 Teachers!: Depending on your state requirements, we may be able to help with PD/CE credit. Please contact us (see below)!
CONTACT: Email unconference@tpscollective.org with any questions, concerns, ideas, etc.
Hashtag: #tpscollective or #teachwithstuff

Event Style, Partial Recordings & Session Notes:

Find more information on format, timings, sessions topics, etc after you register. The bulk of the event is made up of concurrent discussion sessions, with room for spontaneity of course – this is an Unconference after all.

Since the UN in the UNconference is about peer-to-peer discussions (and presentations aren’t allowed), and discussions become something else with more than 12-15 people (particularly on Zoom), the unconference organizers have decided that any Zoom session with more than 20-ish people will be split into Zoom Breakout Rooms. If you end up in a session with over 150 people, you’ll then be put into one of 10 breakout rooms. You’ll be talking with 14 other people, while there will be 9 other groups having different versions of the same conversation you’re having. These Breakout Rooms will not be recorded, but every room will have access to a group note-taking google doc and we strongly encourage room members to take live notes so that others can benefit from your discussion, as a resource in the future, and also to help with accessibility (which is a challenge with this event, one we can all help out with).

We want to acknowledge that “Unconference Style” is not everyone’s cup of tea. If that’s the case, we encourage you to pick out the parts of the program that fit your style and just tune in for them.

The TPS Unconference is always a drop-in/drop-out event and you don’t need to attend the whole thing.

Kids? Pets? Need to eat or drink? We welcome all to do what you need to do! Just do it muted, except when you’re talking!

Can’t get enough TPS?
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