TPS Expo Portland 2017! Teaching with Primary Sources Unconference and Workshops – Tues, July 25, 2017

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Generously hosted by Portland Art Museum, timed to coincide with the 2017 Society of American Archivists annual conference, and sponsored by the SAA Reference, Access and Outreach Section and Digital Public Library of America (and their rich education resources).

For ever-evolving details on the 2017 event, continue to visit this page at

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Follow along with hashtag #TeachwStuff and follow the live session notes.

 Tuesday, July 25, 2017 from 9:00am – 5:00pm
(but you may drop-in & drop-out at will throughout the day)
Where: Portland Art Museum (PAM) in Portland, Oregon
Cost: FREE!  Attendees are responsible for their own lunch out and beverages – none will be provided but there are ample nearby options.
Map & Directions: Portland Art Museum’s Mark Building, 1119 SW Park Avenue, Portland, OR 97205   (the Mark Building is on the corner of SW Park Ave & SW Main St, next to the PAM Main Buildinghere’s a streetview)
• Great access via public transit or car — if you’re coming from near the Convention Center, use bus or light rail »» see details below
Parking: Map of parking lots near PAM. There’s also on-street meter/kiosk parking in the area (but with unknown availability). More parking info via City of Portland.
Coffee & Beverages! : No food or drinks will be provided but you are welcome to bring drinks into the event spaces. But please be very tidy and respectful of PAM spaces and their gracious support of our event. There will be trash and recycling bins set up. (Nearby coffee options below)
Registration: As of June 20, we hit 150 attendees and suspended registration. If you’re still interested in attending, please add your name to our waitlist »
Hashtag:   #TeachwStuff   (on twitter or facebook)
Event WiFi at PAM: WiFi is limited to volunteer note-takers, who will be using Google Docs to report on discussions. We ask non-note-taker attendees to please to be very sparing in your use of the museum WiFi.
Book give-away: Once again we’re giving away several copies of SAA’s recent TPS book. Thanks to Teresa Brinati and the SAA Bookstore!
Museum admission: Free! PAM has gone above & beyond by extending free admission to TPS Unconference attendees on event day. To gain free admission 10:00 – 5:00 on July 25, please wear a P sticker, available at the registration table.
Also #1: Receive a 10% discount at the gift shop when you let staff know that you’re with the Unconference.
Also #2: Attendees are welcome to visit the PAM Library, located on the 2nd floor of the Mark Building, during the lunch break 12-1:30.

Huge thanks to the staff at Portland Art Museum for generously hosting this event!

Send your Social Media Shout-Outs to:
• Portland Art Museum » twitter | facebook | web
• Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) » twitter | facebook | web
• SAA’s One Book One Profession initiative » webpage

Stay in Touch: Can’t wait for the day? Connect with like-minded individuals and receive updates by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter.  Our hashtag is #TeachwStuff

EVENT SCHEDULE (Evolving) – More detailed schedule available day-of-event
THEME FOR THE DAY: Aligning with Allies
9:00 – 9:30am:  Registration – enter at PAM Mark Building, not PAM Main Building (see details above)
9:30 – 10:10:  Opening Panel Discussion (sets up the themes for the day)
10:20 – 11:20:  Workshops (choose one from three) – Workshop blurbs are here!
11:30am – 12:00pm:  Unconference Session Scheduling – all attendees gather to determine topics for discussions sessions through the rest of the day – HERE are some of the initial discussion topics proposed when you registered
12:00 – 1:30pm:  Lunch on your own but we’ll have sign up sheets for “dine-around” lunching-groups near registration desk. (See preview of dine-around and lunch-alone options)
1:30 – 2:30:  Unconference Session Block 1
2:30 – 3:30: Unconference Session Block 2
3:30 – 4:30: Unconference Session Block 3

4:30 – 5:00: Wrap-up full-group discussion about where to go from here

Bring a Device! Since the day’s detailed schedule won’t be settled on until we’re all there, the schedule will only exist on this webpage — Master Schedule link at the top. Prepare accordingly to bring a device (or a friend with a device!) that will allow you to view the schedule online.
We’ll also be taking live group notes at the sessions, so during the morning planning session, please do your part by volunteering as a note-taker!  Your help with this will go far in creating “live proceedings” that we and others will be able to use later…so again, bring an appropriate device to help take notes (using Google Docs)!  Note! WiFi is limited to volunteer note-takers, who will be using Google Docs to report on discussions. We ask non-note-taker attendees to please to be very sparing in your use of the museum WiFi.

Respect each other. Some of these conversations may lead to strong, opposing viewpoints, but we demand that you maintain a collegial regard for others and their opinions. Expect and demand this of others as well. This is a day for sharing ideas, so don’t screw it up! Please report disrespectful behavior to event organizers.

Coffee and Tea Nearby (~5 min walk max)
Behind the Museum Cafe – Japanese style tea house that also serves coffee; has sandwiches and pastries. – 1229 SW 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97205
Case Study Coffee – Local chain of cafes, locally roasted; excellent reviews – 802 SW 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97205
Museum Grounds – The Museum coffee shop opens at 8:00am (earlier than the museum), featuring small eats, coffee, and tea from local names such as Stumptown Coffee, Pearl Bakery, and Woodblock Chocolate – Portland Art Museum Main Building (next to TPS event venue PAM Mark Building)
Revolucion Coffee House – Portland’s only Mexican cafe; coffee, breakfast, and lunch options – 1432 SW 6th Avenue Portland, OR 97201
Starbucks – This Seattle coffee house has started to spread its roots and can now be enjoyed at 1030 SW Jefferson St and 23.767 other locations {ed., check decimal point placement}

Getting to PAM from Oregon Convention Center
The walk from the Oregon Convention Center to the Portland Art Museum is approximately 1.7 miles and an estimated 45 minute walk (map).
For those who prefer using public transit, here are several options on a map. Trips are estimated at approximately 20 minutes and the cost is $2.50 (driver can’t make change…consider getting the 1-day pass for $5 from the Convention Center station). The MAX Light Rail Blue and Red Lines departing from the Convention Center station can leave you off at SW 10th Avenue, and then you’ll need to walk 4 blocks to the Museum. The #6 and #8 buses can also get you to the Museum, with the #6 dropping you off right outside the main museum building at SW Jefferson Street and SW 10th Avenue. Remember, we’re in the Mark Building, just next door to the main building. Visit for more info (such as, or refer to this travel page courtesy of PAM.

Prompts for July 25 Twitter Chat
Are you unable to be on the ground in Portland?
Join us for a concurrent Twitter Chat, Tues July 25 10-11am Pacific, 1-2pm Eastern.
The chat topics are below — join the conversations with #TeachwStuff
• How do learning objectives vary when teaching with museum, library, or archival collections?
• Have you adapted a teaching activity from counterparts in libraries, archives, and museums? How?
• What skills from our respective fields do we need to teach for users to navigate the material and documentary world in which they live?
• How can we foster collaboration between our counterparts in museums, libraries, and archives when teaching with collections?
(There were two pre-event Twitter Chats — check out what people are discussing »)

Event Organizers: Lucy Barber, Laura Barry, Yolanda Blue, Molly Brown, Tatiana Bryant, Janet Bunde, Prudence Doherty, JoyEllen Freeman, Matt Herbison, Rachel Howard, Anne LeVant Prahl, Sammie Morris, Cinda Nofziger, Heather Oswald, Julie Porterfield, Jill Severn, Jenny Swadosh, Marissa Vassari, Ashlyn Velte, Elizabeth Wilkinson, the SAA-RAO Steering Committee, and many other helpers along the way. This event would not have been possible without the enormous amount of programming work done by Heather Oswald and Marissa Vassari; Laura Barry and JoyEllen Freeman’s adept work in keeping the buzz going pre-event; Anne Levant Prahl, who answered our call for Portland volunteers, and has worked tirelessly on venue and logistics; and Jenny Swadosh’s unwavering venue-hunting work and her ability to keep things always driving forward. Education is Freedom. Extra-special thanks to Hana Layson and our other new friends at Portland Art Museum for all the work in making this possible – PAM is simply amazing.

What is an unconference? For those of you who are a little wobbly on what unconferences are all about, check out this great page, or the “What is an unconference?” section here.  It’s about conversation, sharing, and active participation. And yes, there is some uncertainty going into it because the session topics are decided on the spot by the group — me, you, all of us together, figuring out what’s most important and relevant for us.

You archivists may be asking: Why is the TPS Unconference on Tuesday instead of Wednesday this year?
For people attending the SAA conference, you may have heard that “the bulk of the conference will begin on Wednesday (with two blocks of section meetings + the Opening Plenary + the all-attendee reception)” [from Nancy Beaumont, SAA Exec Director, A&A Listserv, 2017 Feb 15].  We didn’t want to compete with the core conference activities, but we do realize that moving the event a day earlier may affect your ability to attend. We’re committed to making this a cost-free event for everyone, but for folks traveling to Portland, the need to pay for an extra day’s lodging may very well cancel out this benefit. Due to PAM’s extreme generosity in donating their venue and their own availability, we will be sticking with Tues, July 25 for this event. Please get in touch to air your concerns, grievances, ideas, etc.

Questions? Comments? Interested in running a workshop or volunteering day-of?