TPS Tech Tools Sandbox Sessions

Keep visiting this page for updates on what tools we’ll be practicing with next:

What’s a TPS Sandbox session?

With the help of a session facilitator, we’re exploring some of the basic features of various tech platforms for teaching, diving into parts of each tool that are important for us to feel comfortable with as we do online instruction.

These sessions will be facilitated by TPS Community members like you, and their success depends on you. Rather than trainings, these sessions will be participant-driven and more sandboxy in nature. Bring your problems, expertise, and especially your lack of expertise! Please join us to have hands-on sessions practicing these tools together.

Upcoming sessions:

Friday September 24, 2021  2-3pm Eastern / 11am-12noon Pacific
This is a General Zoom-practice sandbox session, including breakout rooms, newer zoom features, security, anything else you want to practice.

  • To maximize opportunities for “play,” registration is limited to 15 people per session. PLEASE only register if you’ll be able to attend, and please cancel your registration if you become unavailable. (A cancellation link is available in your registration confirmation email.)
  • Use this Padlet to add your ideas for Tech Tools that you’d like to have sandbox sessions for in the future.

If you have any questions, ideas, or would like to get involved in facilitating these sessions, email sandbox AT

History/Context!: These sessions came out of the need to train Zoom helpers for the 2020 TPS Unconference and based on the popularity of the Tech Tool Demo sessions on the TPS Community Calls. As people signed up, it quickly became obvious that TPSers were appreciating the safe space to noodle around with tech tools before getting in front of students. These are sessions by and for the TPS Community!

For the record, the Sandbox Sessions have been:

  • Zoom breakout rooms and some screensharing: 2020 September 8, 11, 14, 16 & October 30
  • Active learning strategies on Zoom, like screen sharing, whiteboards, polls, etc.: 2020 September 22, 25, 28, 30
  • Doc Cams, phones as doc cams, and other camera workarounds for virtual instruction: 2020 October 13, 21 & November 9, 18
  • Active learning tools including slido, padlet, answergarden, googledocs: 2020 December 1, 9
  • Bring Your Tech Tool Teaching Problem — originally scheduled for 2021 January 12 & 21 but postponed indefinitely

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