Return-to-Work Plans for Teaching & Research (TPS Community Call – June 11, 2020)

Return-to-Work Plans for Teaching & Research work in archives and special collections (COVID-19)

Topic: This week’s TPS Community Call was a timely session on special collections and archives fall Return-to-Work plans. Jay-Marie Bravent (University of Kentucky), Ronald McColl (West Chester University), and Katie Henningsen (Duke University) discussed their current plans for fall instruction and public services at their institutions, followed by a short question and answer session. The presentation portion of the call was recorded but the question and answer portion was not.

Call Notes including links to documents referenced in presentations

Moderator: Danielle Nista (NYU Special Collections); Chat Moderators: Jen Hoyer (Brooklyn Public Library) and Heather Smedberg (UCSD); Notetakers: Cassia Kisshauer, Rachel Makarowski, and Matt Herbison

190 attendees

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