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Morning Workshops
Choose from three simultaneous workshops
You don’t have to pick a workshop when you register.   You may attend whichever you want on event day.

Workshop #1 – Teaching the Holocaust: digitally recovering the victims’ voice and challenging student assumptions through primary sources
Marion Miller Gallery 10:20 – 11:20 am (workshop timeslot)
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This workshop will explore Experiencing History: Jewish Perspectives on the Holocaust — an innovative digital resource tool that features contextualized annotated and translated Jewish primary sources — as a platform for active student learning and engagement around the teaching of difficult histories. Rather than predetermining a “lesson” that any given students should learn — or providing a prefabricated lesson plan from which an instructor should teach — this tool leverages the digital medium in order to show students how complex and messy these sources — and the motivations of the people who created them — can be. Our initial data—culled from the tool’s 2017-2018 beta launch—demonstrates the type of critical thinking that this type of tool instigates.  Leah Wolfson and Emil Kerenji will discuss these initial findings while inviting the audience to think with us about the questions and issues raised by teaching this material in this way and at this time to a new generation of students, teachers, and scholars.

Workshop #2 – Local History & Students: Archives as a Catalyst for Building Research Skills, Historical Perspective & Awareness
Fred and Suzanne Fields Ballroom (FRONT half only) 10:20 – 11:20 am (workshop timeslot)
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Archives help us see ourselves and our communities through the lens of history; they allow us to understand our place in the world around us through the context of people and events that have previously inhabited our space. Learn how Brooklyn Connections, the award-winning school outreach arm of Brooklyn Public Library’s local history archive, helps 4th – 12th grade students build research skills while making curricular connections between major historical themes and the stories that have and continue to unfold in their local communities. Program Manager Kaitlin Holt will provide a brief introduction to Brooklyn Connections’ model with an emphasis on sample lessons the program has employed with students.

Workshop #3 – Teaching Social Justice through Visual Art
Sondland/Durant Trustee Room 10:20 – 11:20 am (workshop timeslot)
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Educators and students across grades and disciplines are increasingly integrating social justice and racial equity into their courses. How can art museums participate in this process? This workshop explores how visual art and art museums support critical thinking and conversation about race and social justice. Join Hana Layson, Manager of School and Educator Programs, for a discussion of teaching strategies and resources developed at the Portland Art Museum. Along the way, we’ll hone our close-looking skills, consider artwork as a primary source, and share experiences across cultural institutions. (Workshop may include time in the galleries.)


these folks attended the
2017 Portland Teaching with Primary Sources Workshops and Unconference (info here »)
which was Tues, August 14, 2018 at Portland Art Museum

(for the record: 118 attendees; since it was a drop-in/drop-out event, this fluctuated throughout the day, peaking at roughly 90 simultaneous attendees in late morning)

Parvaneh Abbaspour (Lewis & Clark College | Science & Data Services Librarian)
Mary Ahenakew
Alexandra Alisauskas
Kimberly Anderson (Iowa State University | Digital Initiatives Archivist)
M. Andre (PAM | Council Board Member & Volunteer)
Rosemary Austin (Assistant archvist)
Laura Axon (Portland Public Schools | Library Media Specialist)
Lucy Barber (National Historical Publications and Records Commission, NARA | Deputy Director)
Sarah Bavier (Reed College | Visual Resources Librarian)
Jenifer Becker (WSU Vancouver | Reference Librarian)
Danna Bell (Library of Congress | Educational Resource Specialist)
Lynda Belt (Karshner Museum and Center for Culture & Arts | Museum Educator, curriculum developer, curator, etc)
Lori Birrell (University of Arkansas | Head of Special Collections)
Jessica Bitter (University of Denver)
Yolanda Blue
Jaime Bogdash
Charmaine Bonner (Emory University | Visitng Archivist for African American Collections)
Amy Borden (Portland State University | Associate Professor of Film Studies)
Thiago Borges (Brazilian Congress)
Alexis Braun Marks (Eastern Michigan University | University Archivist)
Stephanie Bredbenner
Jill Breznican
Kris Bronstad (University of Tennessee | Modern Political Archivist)
Greta Browning (Appalachian State University | Reference Archivist / Librarian)
Omaira Brunal-Perry
Tatiana Bryant (University of Oregon | Digital Projects & Engagement Librarian)
Laura Buchholz (Reed College | Digital Projects Librarian)
Janet Bunde (New York University | University Archivist)
Jaime Marie Burton (University of Kentucky | Director of Research Services and Education)
Conor Casey (Labor Archives of Washington, University of Washington | Labor Archivist/Director)
Pamela Casey
Christine Cheng (University of California, Davis | Special Collections Instruction & Outreach Librarian)
Caitlin Christian-Lamb (Davidson College | Digital Archivist)
Benjamin Craig (Portland State University | Instructor)
Hannah Leah Crummé (Lewis & Clark College | Dr.)
Sarah Dana (Carlsbad City Library | Senior Librarian)
Scott Daniels (Oregon Historical Society | Reference Services Manager)
Daniel Davis (Utah State University – Special Collections | Coordinator of Instruction)
Courtney Dean (UCLA Library Special Collections | Processing Archivist)
Sara DeWaay (University of Oregon | Art & Architecture Librarian)
Angel Diaz (UCLA Library Special Collections | Processing Archivist)
Laura Dimmit (UW Bothell & Cascadia College | Research and Instruction Librarian)
Erin Doerner (Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art | Collections Assistant)
Caitlin Donnelly (Kenneth Spencer Research Library, University of Kansas Libraries | Head of Public Services)
Elsie Eckman
Laura Edgar (University of Puget Sound | Assistant Archivist)
Kim Efill
Summer Espinoza (California State University, Dominguez Hills | Digital Archivist)
Oscar Fernandez (Portland State University, NTFF Instructor)
Adriana Flores
Michele Fricke
Evan Friss
Rosalie Gartner (Emerson College | Archivist & Records Coordinator)
Brenda Glascott (CSU San Bernardino | Associate Professor)
Jenny Gotwals (Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America | Lead Archivist)
Morgan Greer
Debra Griffith (Missouri S&T | Archives Librarian)
Rachel Grove Rohrbaugh (Elizabethtown College | Archivist)
Kristin Gustafson
Emilie Hardman (Houghton Library, Harvard University | Research, Instruction, and Digital Initiatives Librarian)
Carolee Harrison
Janet Hauck (Whitworth University | University Archivist)
Izumi Hirano (Research Center for Cooperative Civil Societies, Rikkyo University | archivist)
Elaine Hirsch (Lewis & Clark College | Associate Director)
chau hoang fossen (Portland Community College | librarian)
Deborah Hollis (University of Colorado Boulder | Associate Professor)
Kaitlin Holt (Brooklyn Public Library | Program Manager – Brooklyn Connections)
Pamela Hopkins (Tufts University | Public Services and Outreach Archivist)
Sarah Horowitz (Haverford College | Head of Special Collections)
Peter Houston (Mount Royal University | Archivist and Special Collections Librarian)
Rachel Howard (University of Louisville | Digital Initiatives Librarian)
Lisa Huntsha
Jocelyn Hurtado
Polina Ilieva (UCSF Library, Archives & Special Collections | Head of Archives & Special Collections)
Amanda Jamieson (Western University | Archivist)
Erica Jensen (Lewis & Clark College | Visual Resources & Fine Arts Librarian)
Robin Katz
Brian Keough (University at Albany, SUNY | Head of Special Collections & Archives)
Deborah Kloiber (St. Catherine University | Head of Archives and Special Collections)
Robert Kohl (Emporia State University | MLS Student)
Stephanie Krauss
Kelly Kress (UCLA | Processing Archivist)
Art La Flamme
Hana Layson
Shawna Lipton (Pacific Northwest College of Art | Chair of MA in Critical Studies)
Amy Lisinski (Archdiocese of Milwaukee | Associate Director of Archives)
Stephen Logsdon (Washington University in St. Louis | Archivist)
Adam Luke (BYU-Idaho | Archives and Records Management Librarian)
Morgen MacIntosh Hodgetts
Lorraine Madway
Deborah Malone (University of San Francisco | Archivist/Librarian)
David Martinez (Portland Public Schools | Multicultural Curriculum Curator)
Cheyenne McClain (Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education | Educator)
Jen McDaneld
Kelly Mcelroy (Oregon State University | Student engagement and community outreach librarian)
Jennifer McGillan
Kate McManus
Giordana Mecagni
Charise Michelsen (Ulu’ulu Moving Image Archive | Reference and Outreach Archivist)
Cathy Miller (UT Southwestern Medical Center | Digital Archivist)
Philip Montgomery (Texas Medical Center Library | Head of the McGovern Historical Center)
Amanda Moreno (University of Miami Cuban Heritage Collection | Archivist)
Jamison Murphy
Tal Nadan (The New York Public Library | Reference Archivist)
Anna Nakano-Baker (University of Washington Odegaard Library | Research and Learning Specialist)
Eloise Nieto
Suzi Noruschat
Abigail Nye (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee | Head of Archives)
Michael C. Oliveira (ONE Archives at the USC Libraries | Reference & Instruction Librarian)
Amanda Oliver (Western University Archives | Archivist)
Nicola Onnis (Portland Public Schools | Teacher)
Heather Oswald
Pierina Parise (Emporia State University | Director, Oregon Distance MLS Program)
Chloé Pascual
Erin Passehl-Stoddart (University of Idaho | Head, Special Collections and Archives)
Amanda Pellerin
Antonio Perry
Rebecca Peterson May
vivica pierre (Bunker Hill Community College | Vivica Pierre, Ph.D., Director of the Library @ Learning Commons)
Judy Pitchford (Washington State Library | Digital Collections Coordinator)
Amy Platt (Oregon Historical Society | Digital History Manager)
Sylvia Podwika
Julie Porterfield (Penn State | Instruction & Outreach Archivist, Penn State University Libraries)
Amy Quattlebaum (Stafford PS)
Chloe Raub (Newcomb College Institute, Tulane University | Head of Archives & Special Collections)
Theresa Rea (Oregon State Archives | Archivist)
Veronica Reyes-Escudero (University of Arizona Libraries Special Collections | Borderlands Curator / Librarian)
Jessica Ritchie
Crystal Rodgers (Labor Archives of Washington, UW Libraries Special Collections | Assistant Labor Archivist)
Michelle Samuel
Debra Schiff (Chester Library and Plainfield Historical Society | Local History Librarian and Archivist)
Robert Schimelpfenig (WSU Vancouver Washington | Archives Specialist)
Margaret Schlankey (Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, UT Austin | Head of Public Services)
Dawn Schmitz (UNC Charlotte | Assoc. Dean for Special Collections and University Archives)
Carrie Schwier (Indiana University Archives | Outreach and Public Services Archivist)
Rachel Seale (Iowa State University | Outreach Archiu)
Zachariah Selley (Lewis & Clark College | Associate Head of Special Collections and College Archivist)
Jill Severn (Russell Library, UGA | Head of Access and Outreach)
Todd Shaffer (Oregon State Archives | Archivist & Student Intern Coordinator)
Ann Shaffer (University of Oregon Libraries | Music and Dance Librarian)
Rachael Short (Multnomah County Library | Information Services Librarian)
Steve Silver (Northwest Christian University | library director)
Laura Sorvetti (Special Collections and Archives, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo | Reference, Outreach, and Instruction Specialist)
Heather Stecklein (UW-Stout Archives/Area Research Center | Director)
Heather Stecklein (University of Wiscons-Stout | University Archivist)
Sudi Stodola
Gina Strack (Utah State Archives and Records Service | Digital Archives Manager)
Scott Sutherland (West Hills College Coalinga | English Faculty)
Jeanne Swadosh (The New School | Archivist)
Michelle Sweetser (Bowling Green State University | Head Librarian and University Archivist)
Emily Swenson (Bentley Historical Library | Project Archivist)
Jessica Talisman (Emporia State University & Oregon College of Art and Craft | MLS Student & OCAC Librarian)
Mattie Taormina (Sutro Library | Director)
Rachel Thomas (George Fox University | Archivist)
Hoang Tran
Yayoi Tsutsui
Matt Turi (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | Manuscripts Research and Instruction Librarian)
Tessa Updike
Lisa Vallen (UC Merced | UC Cooperative Extension Project Archivist)
Natasha Varner (Densho | Communications and Public Engagement Manager)
Marissa Vassari
Ashlyn Velte (University of Idaho | Archivist)
Rachel Wen-Paloutzian (Loyola Marymount University | Special Collections Instruction Librarian)
Sarah Wolf Newlands (Portland State University | Assistant Professor)
Leah Wolfson (US Holocaust Memorial Museum | Senior Program Officer)
Kelly Wooten (Duke University, Rubenstein Library | Librarian, Sallie Bingham Center for Women’s History Culture)
Joshua Youngblood (Research and Outreach Services Librarian)
Adam Zarakov (Lewis & Clark College / Madison High School | Student Teacher)