Back to the Classroom: #RBMSIOC Twitter Chat, September 11, 2019

Topic: Back to the classroom
See record of this chat here (Wakelet)

Q1: How much outreach do you do to new-to-you faculty about bringing classes in versus working with faculty or on courses you’ve taught before? How do you strike a balance between those?

Q2: How do you define capacity for yourself? Are there limits you set on the number of classes you can take on in a semester/month/week?

Q3: Do you send any information before instruction session? Tests, tasks, information sheets, videos, etc.

Q4: What do you for assessment? Do you assess in the moment? Do you have a more formal process (rubric, assignments, etc.)?

Q5: Are there any tools or systems you use to keep track of things? Does it work well? Any recommendations?

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