Building Community in TPS: A Conversation

Building Community in TPS: A Conversation was the Opening Session at the Teaching with Primary Source Unconference on July 22, 2020. A group of people who have been involved in TPS Community Calls over a series of months take a moment to reflect on them through this facilitated conversation, as a way to share some of the thoughts that have evolved on those calls about what community means to us as a group of professionals. The speakers hope that this conversation will make the process for organizing those calls more transparent, including the non-hierarchical planning structure that is aspired to. Community call participants are encouraged, in whatever role they play, to jump up and jump back as they have time and energy to help out and take part. This model is complementary to the unconference model, and it is interesting to look at the community calls as an exploratory model for working non-hierarchically within our profession.

Speakers: Jen Hoyer, Anne Bahde, Rachel Makarowski, Heather Smedberg, Claire Du Laney, Cassia Kisshauer, Alison Fraser, Cynthia Bachhuber, Julie Grob, Danielle Nista

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