The Teaching with Primary Sources Collective gathers resources, professional development and advocacy for those who teach with primary sources, including librarians, archivists, teachers, and cultural heritage professionals. The site is hosted by the Instruction and Outreach Committee of the Rare Books and Manuscripts Section (RBMS) of the Association of College and Research Libraries, and is jointly maintained by members of the Instruction and Outreach Committee of RBMS and the Reference Access and Outreach Committee (RAO) of the Society of American Archivists. Participation in the site is open to anyone who has an interest in teaching with primary sources.

The TPS Collective was made possible by a pilot site created in 2015-2016 by  the Society of American Archivists’ Section on Reference, Access, and Outreach, in collaboration with the ACRL Rare Books and Manuscripts Section. RAO proposed creating a site as a pilot project to test the feasibility, use and usability of an interactive site for archivists/special collections librarians working in the emerging role of archival instructor.


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2019-2021 TPS Collective Facilitation Team
Matt Herbison, Maureen Maryanski, Matt Strandmark, Heather Smedberg, Kelli Hansen, Carly Sentieri, Jen Hoyer, Anne Bahde, Adriana Flores, Danielle Nista, Claire du Laney, Alison Fraser.



Special thanks to the following contributors whose work provided a basis for the TPS Collective:

2015-2016 Pilot Development Team:
Valerie Harris, Matt Herbison, Robin Katz, Doris Malkmus, Elizabeth McGorty, Rachel Grove Rohrbaugh, Heather Smedberg, Anne Bahde, Matthew Strandmark, Jenny Swadosh, Mattie Taomina

Special thanks to the following supporters for the 2017-2019 Development Team:
Grace Atkins, Open Educational Resources Librarian, University of Missouri Libraries; Heather Oswald, Co-Chair SAA RAO 2017-2019; JoyEllen Williams, Co-Chair SAA RAO 2017-2019